Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Indian nationals or an Indian organization (formed or registered in India) can apply.
  2. Both self-application & recommendation are allowed.
  3. Work done should directly relate to Economic Development, Health, Literacy and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene - Creating awareness/ Sensitization/Direct Contribution
  4. Currently active and/or involved.
  5. Should have not received any State / National / International recognitions or awards.
  6. Should not be a member of a Rotary / Inner Wheel Club or blood relative of any Rotarian / Inner Wheel Member.
  7. In case of organization, no member of the Governing Body should be a Rotarian / Inner Wheel Member or blood relative of any Rotary / Inner Wheel Club member.
  8. The application can only be filled online.
  9. The last date for filling Application is 15th January, 2020.